Tip: Find items easily by organizing your Dropbox

If you want to keep your worlds safe or create your own content to upload, chances are you’ll want to use Dropbox. If you aren’t sure how to connect your account with Survivalcraft, you can visit our tutorial here. It may be tricky to find the specific files you’re looking for once you’ve uploaded a lot of them, so it is a good idea to create folders to organize your content.

First you must log into your Dropbox account, locate the Apps folder, then click on the Survivalcraft folder. These folders were created after you connected your account to Survivalcraft.

Within the Survivalcraft folder, you are able to create new folders within it by clicking the + button (for Android) or choosing “New Folder” (for PC).

As an example, I have created folders for some of the types of content available – skins, block textures, and worlds.

They will appear in Survivalcraft like this. (Note: you can also create folders within these folders as well)

Now you will be able to find all of your content with ease!

(Survivalcraft World is not affiliated with or otherwise sponsored by Dropbox, Inc.)

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