Three ways Survivalcraft beats Minecraft

Minecraft may have been updated with new aquatic features like swimming, land creatures, the Drowned, and tridents, but Survivalcraft has had many sea creatures before Minecraft. That said, Minecraft doesn’t have everything just yet. Here’s some of my favorite features of Survivalcraft.

Survival mechanics

While Minecraft has basic survival mechanics like health and hunger, Survivalcraft takes it a step further. Periodic sleep is required in the game, so shelter is a must. Cold climates can also prove harmful without clothing or fire, and prolonged time in low temperatures can cause sickness. Also, it’s not advised to go swimming in cold climates either, as the water can quickly cause harm.

Player Stats
In this example, the player is cold and hungry, but not yet tired.


Survivalcraft allows you to craft furniture to decorate buildings with. Furniture can be built by building a square-area structure between two blocks at each angle and sixteen at each. A hammer us used to resize the structure into the size of one block. The furniture creation UI allows the construction to be rotated, flipped, resized and moved.

Furniture creation
This is the UI when creating furniture.

Dropbox integration

Dropbox does wonders in Survivalcraft. For one, it makes it so much easier to play Survivalcraft on my PC and then upload it and continue on my phone. For another, uploading my world to Dropbox straight from my phone saves me time when I want to share this world with other people. In Minecraft, you actually have to find the file in your file manager and then upload it, taking a lot more time.

That’s it for now, feel free to let us know your favorites in the comment section below.

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