Survivalcraft 2.2 is coming next year with possible a new feature to improve survival mode

Hello, everyone. Just when we think Kaalus is going to close the year without a single blog post, he surprises us with not one, but two gifts for the holidays.

The first one is an official update about the development status of Survivalcraft! According to his post, he’s working on a new feature said to greatly improve survival mode for players of the game.

The major new feature that I am adding is large, and it should expand the survival mode in a big way. Creative mode would also benefit nicely. Unfortunately, I got stuck on some difficult aspects of it, and never found the drive to finish it.


He also provided is with a vague hint of what’s to come… that is, if development starts going smoothly. As seen from the image below, it appears to be a gray Oak Leaves block.

It’s hard to guess what this new feature could be, but that hasn’t stopped others from guessing. Here’s just a few from players of the game

The hint I am guessing is tree leaves with frost or snow! Interesting, I just looked this up on google. It is in the bedrock edition. In Minecraft, of course.

The 7evenator

My guess: “open” leaf blocks. I.e., ones you can pass through. Useful as bushes or leaves where you won’t die by collision. Also useful to hide within.


Here’s a rather interesting idea, albeit an unlikely possibility:

So now Leaves can change colour. I do not think we will be able to paint them, but it might be a nice creative extra.

Johan Steyn

While these are some interesting possibilities, it’s possible the image is only a small piece of the puzzle. Perhaps the new feature could be rather major.

However, we should take this with a grain of salt. Like Kaalus said, development difficulties can lead to projects being scraped entirely. Either way, it’s nice to finally here something.

Oh, that reminds me! Kaalus also has a second gift for everyone, a new game called Ruthless Conquest. It’s available for Android and Windows users, for those interested. Check out the video below!

It’s already Christmas Eve throughout the United States as of the time of this post, so without further ado, Merry Christmas!

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