Why is there no online multiplayer in Survivalcraft?

Multiplayer is the most requested feature in the Survivalcraft game. I hear it all the time, “please add server support” or “Survivalcraft needs LAN support.” And that’s great, because enthusiasm for a particular feature lets the developer know what they want.

That said, he indeed does know what they want—they want online multiplayer. So then, why has he not released it a long time ago? Here, I’ll let Kaalus himself explain:

“Multiplayer is the most often requested feature, and it also scored the highest in the feature request poll (https://kaalus.wordpress.com/2012/01/11/features-poll). That said, it is also a massive thing with a high risk that would take X months to complete while Survivalcraft stands still. Therefore, before I jump in I must be reasonably sure that low hanging fruit (the easy features that give a lot of bang for the time spent) are addressed first. Bottom line is I can’t give a precise date.”


Clearly, there can be a lot of technical challenges to bringing such a large feature in the game. Often times, development can go wrong and a complete redo of all work can be required.

Kaalus doesn’t work for a development team where each member is paid by the hour. Instead, he gets paid commission from app sales. This is probably one of the big reasons he values his time so much, as working on such a large scale feature and then it not working would be a waste time, whereas working on something that will likely work out in the end can get the game more attention, and thus increase sales.

Of course, Kaalus doesn’t seem to be as active in development anymore. Maybe he’s working on something very challenging, or maybe he’s working on multiple smaller projects.

Personally, I think that sales of the game have declined, because the players have chosen to move their interest in other titles. That in turn, might have moved the developer’s interest away from Survivalcraft development which likely results in dead ends.

It’s clear he does love game development, and that money isn’t everything to him, though. He’s released a couple completely free to play games, first with Bugs and then Ruthless Conquest. He doesn’t earn any revenue from these titles at all as he doesn’t like ads and doesn’t charge for in-game items.

I think perhaps as players, we should appreciate what we do have—a well developed survival system (hence the game’s name) that makes it more challenging, and a more advanced creative building system thanks to the addition of furniture.

I certainly do hope to see furniture come to the game someday, but for now, all we can do is play and enjoy what we get new in the future. When we become more active in the game, our voices might become even louder, and that can help push for the big features we really want.

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