About Us

We’re Survivalcraft fans. We’ve been playing since the game was in its early stages, many updates ago. And while the game isn’t updated nearly as often as it used to be, it’s still a fun game, nonetheless.

That’s where this blog comes in. While we might not be able to excite you with news of the newest features and goodies coming to the next version of the game, we can showcase what people have done in the current version.

And of course, if and when Kaalus returns, we’ll be able to write about the new features, too.



Owner, Co-Founder, Editor in Chief

Jonathan “Jonny” first discovered Survivalcraft at version 1.17, before weather and werewolves were introduced in the game. He’s the primary owner of the site, and is the one who first set it up. He primarily enjoys mining and lumberwork, but is up for any task the game throws at him (although he’s not an electrician by any means.)


Co-Founder, Senior Editor, Main Web Designer

Kria has been playing Survivalcraft since 2013. She describes herself as a “grave robber”, since she typically does not settle in one location and loves to explore the land (and of course, dig up any graves she finds along the way to search for valuables.) Nowadays, she tends to focus on the creative side of Survivalcraft, and is in the process of coming out with a huge medieval world, as well as block textures and skins she has made.